Important news regarding current container shipping prices

  • 2024.06.28 | NEWS


We have news to share with you all regarding current container vessel shipping prices.


As you may or may not know, freight rates from China have skyrocketed and space on the Japanese side has been reduced considerably.


Since June, all shipping companies have been facing higher freight rates, and it has become extremely difficult to secure more space. The container situation is even more dire when compared to the Coronavirus outbreak disaster, and there is a possibility that freight rate hikes, space shortages, and container shortages will continue from July to October.


The reason behind this is because the U.S. is planning to impose strong tariffs on many types of Chinese goods beginning in August. As a result, Chinese exporters and U.S. importers want to expedite imports and exports by the above deadlines to avoid the levies.


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Gemmy Trading Staff

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