Auction Service

Do you want to view the Japanese auctions and be an auction member yourself?
Please contact us.

Our staff can check the car's condition and translate the auction report along with sending inspection photos and videos before you bid.
Please notify us of the auction lot number in advance before the auction date and time.

※Please note that there are some auction sites or auction corners that cannot be inspected.

Get a Japanese Auction ID and search for your favorite cars by yourself.Please ask us if you want to be a member of NINJA!
If not, we are able to search your requested cars ourselves from all auction sites across Japan.

Pay a deposit firstUnit bidding under $20,000 require a $1500 deposit.
(Over $20,000 require a 15% deposit)

The INVOICE is issuedWe will always show the auction price result.
We don’t charge any consumer tax, recycling fee or other fee from the auction, we only calculate the invoice using the bidding price.

The INVOICE price will be
TOTAL(CIF or C&F)= FOB* + Shipping+ Marine Insurance (if required or requested by you).

  • *FOB including below ・Bidding price
    ・Transportation fee
    ・Auction agent fee
    ・Custom agent fee
    Export agent fee**
    ・Others (repair etc )

**Including Export agent Fee

Translation of the auction sheet into English
Counseling with native English speakers
Arrangement of transportation
Arrangement of export documents (Documents translation)
Arrangement of the earliest shipping method possible
Arrangement of DHL delivery (DHL cost is included)
You can check your order history, shipping schedule,vehicle pictures and various other components of the business transaction with our own Gemmy Trading Registry System.

Storage Service (Gemmy Yard)

If you need below service at our yard before shipping,

please email us
Indoor with insurance and security$195 /per month.
Outdoor with insurance$100/per month
New battery change service(Free)Gemmy staff will change with a new battery if the battery is weak.
Premium cover ($88)
Tire change service (ASK)If you want to change the tire and rims, please feel free to ask us.
Cleaning exterior and interior (Free)Gemmy staff clean the car before exporting.
Clear seat cover (Free)We put clear seats cover on each customer’s car to protect the seats and keep clean.
Photo/Video service ( Free )
If you need any request for the repair service before shipping, please feel free to contact us.

Port Service(Moji/Kobe/Nagoya/Yokohama)

If you need below service at our yard before shipping,

please email us
Battery change ($150)
Cleaning exterior and interior ($88)
Tire change (ASK)
Other (ASK)
Photo service (Free)
Video service($28)

My page service (My Gem)

Gemmy Trading Registry On this system, all order details are easily viewable, unit photos, shipping schedule, shipping documents and other information.

My Gem

Export support

Gemmy staff will help all exporting proceedings and we always effort to book the earliest possible vessel.
Please feel free to contact us for any questions anytime during our business time and we will reply you as soon as possible.

We take responsibility for exporting your JDM Gems!

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