How to buy?

About Prosess to Purchase

  • Make your choice from our stock or Buy direct from the auction.

    Look through our stock database and inquire on any models of interest through the inquiry form.
    Or if you want to register as an auction member, we will set up immediately for you to view all auctions.
    Please check our service page.
    You can discuss with a native English speaking staff going over auction sheets, including photos and translations of units.

  • Shipmet

    We arrange shipping immediately on the fastest departing vessel!
    As soon as we can book the space of the vessel, you will receive email from our
    GemmyTradingRegistry System.

  • Recive your vehicles

    Your vehicle will arrive at your port within 3-6 weeks after the ship leaves Japan.
    We will send all necessary documents by DHL with checklist which gives you clear instructions of the clearing process.

Please enjoy your ride!
What is the payment method?
◆T/T:Telegraphic Transfer (Bank remittance) ・A telegraphic transfer (TT) is an electronic method of transferring funds used primarily for overseas wire transactions.
It normally takes approximately 2-5 days to receive and process your payment.
◆Paypal※We do not accept payment by “Credit card” or “Check”.
How is the car condition from Auction?
You can confirm the car condition through the auction sheets, photos and video.
Also our staff can check the condition and take video at most auction places.
How is the warranty for the vehicles?
We do not give any warranty for used vehicles. Used vehicles from Japan are usually of excellent quality. Please ask us to inspect before purchase on any details you may like to see but please understand these more than 25 years old cars.
How do I know the shipping information?
We effort to book earliest vessel as soon as possible. We will inform you the shipping
schedule information through the GemmyTradingRegistry System
How do I receive all documents?
We will update through the GemmyTradingRegistry System every time.

After that we will send all necessary documents by DHL which you can trace. You can use tracking number to track the package on this website.
What is the Surrender B/L?
Surrendered B/L refers to the original bill of lading that has been surrendered at the carrier’s office of origin.
Once the bill of lading has been surrendered, the original of the bill of lading will not be required to receive the shipment at the destination.
The importer can get a delivery order by getting a B/L copy instead of the original. Surrendered B/L is a convenient way for importers to quickly receive their shipment. We will surrender the B/L or send original B/L after we confirm your full payment.
What is the ISF?
ISF stands for Importer Security Filing.
It is a required filing to clear US customs.
The filing requires importers to provide shipment information to CBP in advance, at least
24 hours before loading the goods on the vessel bound for the US.
The ISF is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulation that affects ocean
shipments entering the United States.
Importer needs to fill in this form yourself in advance.
What is the marine insurance?
Marine insurance covers the loss or damage of ships, cargo, terminals or held between the
points of origin and the final destination.
※There is a warranty for a certain period after purchase.
What is the D/O?
Short for Delivery Order
A document in which the shipping company instructs the terminal to deliver the cargo to the
bearer. The shipping company issues and delivers D/O in exchange for the B/L submission
from the consignee, and the consignee presents it to pick up the cargo.
How do I know arrival notice?
Your shipping agent will contact to NOTIFY PARTY by phone or email 2-3 days before
the arrival.
Are there any necessary producers on the import side?
We take responsibility for handling the procedures on the export side to ensure the safe delivery of your precious gem to your location. However, the import procedures can only be handled by the importing party. Additionally, these procedures may vary depending on the country or region, so please make sure to research them before importing. Approximately 2-3 days before departure, our system will send you a BL Draft. This document contains the necessary information for the import procedures, so please be sure to review it carefully.
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