How to Buy

The huge choice of cars available can be confusing nowadays. By deciding what you need from a car and setting your budget, choosing the RIGHT car for you should be straightforward.

1.    Make your choice and we will BUY with you:

Look through our In Stock database and select the type of vehicle that you would like. Specify your requirements if you don’t see what you looking for.

Please Contact us. Our staff are ready to help you to make the BEST choice. We will get back to you with information including photos of the car that we have chosen for you. THEN you can make the payment.

2.    Payment:

Print the Pro-forma invoice and make 100% payment at once by telegraphic transfer. Our bank details are mentioned on the Pro-forma Invoice. After you make the payment, send a TT copy (copy of bank receipt) by E-mail.

◆◇After you send us a TT copy(bank receipt), we will reserve your car from our web site.◇◆

3.    Shipment:

Our staff will ask you to provide detailed information for shipment.

  • Full name, full address and phone number for Notification party (who receives the vehicle)
  • Full name, full address and phone number of Receiver of necessary documents (Export certificate, Bill of Lading and Customs Invoice)

After customer information has been confirmed, we will arrange all shipment process to your specified port.

4.    Pick up and enjoy your ride:

Your vehicle will arrive at the port within 3-6 weeks after the ship leaves Japan.
We will send all necessary documents with checklist which gives you clear instructions of the clearing process.